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About Us

Muscle Car Finance was established in March 2007 when I saw a finance offering gap for the true car enthusiast who wanted to own a classic, vintage or muscle car. Rather than individuals tying up significant amounts of their own cash in these vehicles, I decided to create and offer a finance solution. We operate nationally and can organise finance for individuals across Australia.

I have a passion for old cars, particularly muscle cars and I understand the market, the cars and the current prices these cars bring. This passion, combined with an accounting and tax background allows the staff and I at Muscle Car Finance to provide a wide range of services and options to enthusiasts looking to purchase a particular vehicle.

Over the last five years the investment to own local and imported muscle cars has increased substantially with all local classics with a Bathurst pedigree fetching six figure sums. To assist enthusiasts in acquiring the car of their dreams we provide finance from a variety of banks and large lending institutions based around recognised current market values from Red Book, Glass’s Guide and independent sworn valuers. We do not finance cars used for racing purposes or heavily modified vehicles where the investment to build them often exceeds any recognised value for a particular model, year and body style.

There are many services we provide to our clients during the consultation period through to the final settlement when a customer picks up their newly acquired muscle car. On initial contact we explain how the financing works, arrange quotes and detail what banks will and will not do regarding loans. Muscle Car Finance will prepare the finance application for clients and source all the relevant documents required for a transaction and liaise with all the parties involved.

We then go on to submit the application on behalf of the client and process the application with the banks. Once an application is submitted we wait for an answer which takes between 24 to 48 hours depending on the circumstances of the finance application. On approval of the finance we notify the client and get the ball rolling regarding documents for signature, pick up and final settlement.

Occasionally a bank may require a vehicle inspection and this is another service we provide. Our background as Certified Practicing Accountants and car enthusiasts allows us to perform the inspection to the banks requirement and also assist the banks in understanding this market.

The range of services we provide to clients are provided free of charge. Our brokerage is rolled into the instalments a client makes to the lender upon completion of the finance transaction.

Our major point of differentiation as a financier to the classic, vintage and muscle car finance market is we fully understand the marketplace and are enthusiasts ourselves. We understand what cars are worth and keenly follow prices across Australia having financed vehicles myself. We understand what a client experiences in the process and we endeavour to make this as smooth as possible. We can also offer advice on taxation structures if required due to our commercial background in this area. We strive to provide great service to clients because we really care and get satisfaction out of seeing customers realise and own their dream car. Finally, as a true car enthusiast and being very knowledgeable on finance we ensure clients have the right choice of options in finance to suit their needs.

If you are looking to finance a classic, vintage or muscle car and would like to seek professional advice with a range of options give us a call on (03) 9466 0290 Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm and we will gladly assist with your enquiries.

Kind regards
Pat Soldo and the team at Muscle Car Finance